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Take to the skies in VERTICAL SHIFT

A VR Esport unlike any other. Fly through the arenas equipped with your Zenith Suit, an advanced movement system. Your Zenith Suit is equipped with Grapple Hooks, Jet Packs, and Gliders, giving you ultimate control over your flight.

Take to the Skies in VERTICAL SHIFT

Update 7/30/21: Welcome to Beta Update 2.4! This is our biggest update yet, with a total visual overhaul. The City of Orion has never looked so good! We've also packed out the game with the quality of life improvements, including a redesign of the menu.

See you in the Arena! Don’t forget to join the Vertical Shift Discord and tell us what you think!

Vertical Shift features 4 multiplayer gameplay modes. Each mode can be played with up to ten people with crossplay.

Freeze Tag 

Team up and work together for this fast pace reimagining of everyone’s favorite playground game! In our premiere competitive mode, two teams will face off in ten-minute matches. Each player is equipped with an EMP blast, which will freeze the other team in their tracks. Keep an eye on frozen enemies, the EMP blast can also unfreeze your teammates! The first team to ten points wins!


Hot Seat 

Players compete in a free for all to capture and hold the Hot Seat! Steal the hot seat by tagging the golden player. Keep the Hot Seat by moving quickly! The player who holds the hot seat the longest wins!


One player starts as infected and hunts down all other players. Every time a player is tagged, they join the infected. You can run, but you can’t hide.


The Race is on! Will you be the first across the finish line?

Vertical Shift also features a single-player campaign! Explore the City of Orion, a futuristic metropolis on the brink of collapse. Join the resistance and help take down the evil government through a variety of missions and activities. Or just swing around and take in the sights!

Vertical Shift is under active development with regular updates. Did you find a bug in the game? Let us know so we can fix it! Fill out our quick form here:  http://bit.ly/VerticalShiftBugs

Want to help support development? Join our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/VerticalShift

Join our Discord to find people to play with and give feedback on the project: https://discord.gg/xDbK7rs

Vertical Shift Discord

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Game works great even under linux


This is a horrible clone of Jet Island's movement system and physics


Developer let me beta test this and the optimization is very good for the valve index. I maintained a very high FPS consistently throughout a 20 minute play session with other players.

Give this one a try.


Ive really enjoyed this, havent caught anyone online yet. Just one thing, can we have a bow and arrow pls!


is this worth download?


Yes, definitely. The devs and community are extremely nice and the game is great to play.



how do i get this to work?

i need major help

If you are on PC you would download the "PC_Buildv2-1.zip" -> unzip file -> hook up VR headset to your PC -> run the Vertical  Shift application.

If you are on the Quest download "QuestBuildv2-r1(2-19-21).apk" and follow this youtube vid on how to download on to your quest: 

Sky is the limit